New Album Title & Release Date Confirmed!

It’s been a long time coming.

In fact, this may be the longest album cycle we’ve ever embarked upon. The time we spent creating and releasing Tabula Rasa & Caerus taught us so much, and we wanted to ensure that this new album more than lived up to the first two. We wanted to surpass them, and we have.

May we proudly present our third studio album, INVICTA!


Taken from the Latin word for “unconquered”, INVICTA is a celebration of perseverance and resilience.

The ten songs on the album come together to form a story of betrayal, loss, reconciliation and hope. The themes of the songs are rooted in real experience, reflecting the triumph and defeat that we all encounter on our journey through life and, in the case of the latter, how we can choose to be consumed by it, or fight on and emerge stronger.

1. Quetzlcoatl (6:08)
2. For Our Lives (4:13)
3. The Light Fantastic (4:44)
4. To The Lions (5:10)
5. Ultimatum (6:07)
6. Line in the Sand (9:42)
7. Trecena (4:49)
8. Pariah (4:12)
9. The Devil’s Coin (15:03)
10. Victorious (5:39)

The album will be officially released on Friday 20 April 2018, but you can pre order now to receive your copy almost a month in advance (pre-orders will be dispatched worldwide on Friday 23 March). Fans attending our release show in the Netherlands on Friday 23rd March will also have the opportunity to pick up an advance copy of the new album.

Head over to our online store to pre-order your copy today.

INVICTA was recorded at Liscombe Park & Visconti Studios, and the band’s home studios in and around London, and was mixed by producer extraordinaire
John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios, UK.

Artwork was produced by graphics wizard Dmitris Tzortzis of Immensa Artis.